Add Ons

Eco Hand Wash

Eco exterior hand wash and dry. No water or soap into city drain. From $30.

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Ceramic Coating

This is a clear, hydrophobic, coating that transforms itself on your paint into a permanent, durable yet flexible glass shield.

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Undercarriage Detail

Have the underside of your car detailed. In-house only. Price varies.

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Engine Clean and Detail

Your engine will be cleaned and detailed meticulously. From $50/$65.

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Wheel Detail

Wheals off, both sides detailed. Wheel well, brake, and steering components cleaned. In house only. From $50/$70 per wheel.

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Glazes and Sealants

Glazes will enhance paint’s shine. Sealants will seal in the shine and durability for 6 to 12 months. Price varies.

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Power Wax

Power wax and hand buff. Carauba was after vehicle is washed. From $60/$75.

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Swirl Removal

Clay bar, followed by 1 step swirl removal (vehicle also washed). From $150/$175.

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Clay Bar Treatment

Clay bar will remove road debris embedded in the paint. From $50/$60.

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Dog Hair Removal

Dog hair removed from carpets, seats, and all other interior surfaces. From $30.

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Spring Cleaning SpecialGet that winter off your vehicle!

Winter was very, very tough on your trusty vehicle - the salt, grime, gravel, and even mud. Don't you think it's time to pamper her a little? We can help. Book today and save with our Spring Specials!

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