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Car interiors vary greatly in design and materials. Whether it is cloth or custom leather, we’ve got you covered. We offer stain removal and steam cleaning to draw out the stubborn dirt and spills. We are adamant about recreating your ride’s OEM look and feel, rather than slippery seats and greasy plastic surfaces.

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Much more than a “car wash”, our exterior detailing solutions provide your vehicle a high quality, hands-on cleaning experience from bumper to bumper, top to bottom. Our highly-trained experts remove all of the dirt, residue and scratches the road inflicts, renewing your ride’s luster for years to come.

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Caliper Dressing

Many new cars are equipped with exotic big brake upgrades. Why have a dirty and grimy set of Brembos or Wilwood brakes poking though dirty rims? These set ups can produce large amount of brake dust on expensive wheels. Let us preform a wheels-off cleaning of rims and calipers to show off your shiny boots.

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Service All Vehicles

Depending on type of vehicle, whether you are a car enthusiast, drive a family SUV, or own a company truck. We will work within your budget and expectations to give you and your vehicle an exceptional outcome. We can work from preset packages or something tailored from our à la carte menu to suit your needs.

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Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a versatile tool in our kit. We use the Vapamore system which can handle some of the most stubborn jobs we come up against. It will handle difficult interior stains and can also be used to detail and help remove residue on brake callipers. It makes short order of some difficult problem spots.

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Headlight Restoration

This common problem often goes unnoticed. The UV coating on your lights fail leaving them cloudy. This can be dangerous and in some states illegal and punishable by fine. If you find your lights are not as bright as they were when new, we can polish and seal them back to factory condition at a fraction of the cost.

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Paint Correction

We can restore your paint’s showroom finish. As your car ages, oxidation, road grime, and love marks can take a big toll on your paint. We offer multi-stage packages to get the desired results. Add a sealant, glaze, and wax and your car is protected from the harshest weather. Ask about carbon sealant for new cars.

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Fall Cleaning SpecialGet your vehicle ready for winter starting at only $260!
Winter is going to be very, very tough on your trusty vehicle - the salt, grime, gravel, and even mud. Don't you think it's time to protect your investment? We can help. Book today and save with our Fall Specials!