Deluxe Interior

from $105

from $130 for truck/SUV
Includes waste removal and bagging of contents.

Floor mats, door jams, sills, and rubber.

Dashboard, door panels, and all plastic surfaces.

Leather seats, steering wheel, shifter, and hand brake.

Windows, sunroof/moonroof on both sides.

Condition all hard and leather surfaces.

2-stage vacuum – initial and final.

Auto Spa

from $145

from $170 for truck/SUV
Starts with the Deluxe Interior package, and adds the following:

+ Hand wash and dry

+ 3-phase eco wash

+ Wheels

+ Exterior dressing applied to plastics

+ Tires dressed

Your car will shine inside and out!

Deluxe Spa

from $260

from $310 for truck/SUV
This full car spa package includes the Auto Spa package, but takes pampering your vehicle to the next level with the following:

+ Clay bar treatment

+ 1 step scratch and swirl removal

+ Long lasting wax applied to exterior

+ Sealant the adds depth

+ Wax that adds protection

A La Carte Options

You can add any of the items listed below to any of the packages above, or they can be purchased on their own, in any combination.

Notes: When an item has two prices, such as $50/$75, the first price is for a Car and the second price is for a SUV/Truck.

Eco Hand Wash

Eco exterior hand wash and dry. No water or soap into city drain. From $30.

Ceramic Coating

This is a clear, hydrophobic, coating that transforms itself on your paint into a permanent, durable yet flexible glass shield.

Undercarriage Detail

Have the underside of your car detailed. In-house only. Price varies.

Engine Clean and Detail

Your engine will be cleaned and detailed meticulously. From $50/$65.

Wheel Detail

Wheals off, both sides detailed. Wheel well, brake, and steering components cleaned. In house only. From $50/$70 per wheel.

Glazes and Sealants

Glazes will enhance paint’s shine. Sealants will seal in the shine and durability for 6 to 12 months. Price varies.

Power Wax

Power wax and hand buff. Carauba was after vehicle is washed. From $60/$75.

Swirl Removal

Clay bar, followed by 1 step swirl removal (vehicle also washed). From $150/$175.

Clay Bar Treatment

Clay bar will remove road debris embedded in the paint. From $50/$60.

Dog Hair Removal

Dog hair removed from carpets, seats, and all other interior surfaces. From $30.

Cloth Seat Shampoo

Cloth seat shampoo and waste extraction. From $50.

Carpet Shampoo

Carpet shampoo and extraction. From $75.

Stain Removal

Stain removal. Depending on stain, 100% removal may not be possible. ($ varies)

Light Interior Clean

Waste removal, vacuum, clean all interior surfaces including glass, and dressings applied. From $50/$70.